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Haina “Hannah” Li (Resume)

I’m a graduate student in Computer Science at the University of Virginia (School of Engineering and Applied Science). I’m advised by David Evans and my research area is in web security and privacy.

In August 2017, I received my Master of Science degree from UVA in Computer Science. GPA: 3.97/4

I will be starting as a full-time software engineer at Facebook in January 2018.


Decentralized Certificate Authorities
Bargav Jayaraman, Hannah Li and David Evans (co-equal first authors)
In arXiv, June 2017. paper, project page

Horcrux, A Password Manager for Paranoids
Hannah Li and David Evans
In arXiv, June 2017. paper, project page


Insecure by Default? Authentication Services in Popular Web Frameworks
Hannah Li and David Evans
USENIX Poster Sessions, August 2016. poster, abstract

Decentralized Certificate Authorities
Hannah Li, Bargav Jayaraman and David Evans (co-equal first authors)
USENIX Poster Sessions, August 2017. poster, abstract

Work Experience

Cybersecurity Analyst at CGI Federal (Summer 2015)
Manassas, Virginia

Creating scripts to automate analyst tasks and increase operational efficiency for the security team


University of Virginia (2015)
Charlottesville, Virginia

Bachelor Degrees in Computer Science and Chemistry
Echols Scholar and College Science Scholar
Scholarships: CSS Summer Research (Summer 2013), Summer Research Fellowship (Summer 2012)

Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology (2011)
Alexandria, Virginia


hannahli at